Memorial Design

      Memorial Design

      Memorial Styles

Many Types for You or Your Loved One

Upright monuments – single, companion or family/estate – come in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. You can add features like statuary, sculptures, bronze attachments, vases, portraits and hand-carved letter. We can add inscriptions, carvings and other ornamentation to the back side, as well.

Slant memorials are about midway in height between a flat marker and a larger upright monument. They get their name from the fact that the back side is perpendicular to the ground, while the front slants upward from a bottom that’s relatively deep to a shallower top. They are available in both single and companion styles.
Flat (Bevel) Marker

Flat markers are flush with the ground’s surface. They’re relatively small so decoration is limited, but even so, our talented memorial designers can personalize them for you.
Veteran Marker

Service to our country demands a level of respect and dignity. We can help you achieve it with these special markers.

Benches are restful places for reflection and thought. We can create one for you that is either a stand-alone or is connected to one side of an upright memorial (which is also known as a monubench).
Cremation Memorial/Columbarium

Columbariums have been used for centuries and are among the finest and simplest forms of burial. We offer columbariums made from granites known for their colorful beauty and high quality.